Yes, it’s been a bit quiet since our big show at Harmony Sweepstakes Mid-Atlantic. Jen took a week’s vacation the week after. It was her seventh time on The Rock Boat. Tom was held hostage for three days to proctor state-mandated testing for his school at a hotel in the middle-of-nowehere Pennsylvania. KeyStone mascot Sebastian Howe has been keeping his parents up at all hours with two-year molars coming in early. Ah, the existence of a semi-pro a cappella group with six very busy adults.


Despite the craziness, we did rehearse this past Tuesday and have another rehearsal next week. We tweaked the ending of our Coldplay cover and learned new repertoire (enjoy our rehearsal banter as well – always entertaining):



Exciting things are in the works, but little is set in stone. A partial list

  • Our first single is in production and should be out in April!
  • We’re planning on joining the Contemporary A Cappella League
  • We are planning to host live streaming shows using LiveStream
  • We’re going to perform for the on-stage clinics sponsored by The A Cappella Project – Philadelphia in July
  • We’ve got several potential southeastern PA performances lined up for the fall of 2012


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