Introducing KeyStone!

Today is our first public performance,  and our official debut online. We are singing our set of holiday tunes this afternoon for a cocktail hour at Lehigh University in Bethlehem,  PA.

KeyStone officially began last April with a flurry of activity to audition for The Sing-Off in May. Since then,  we took most of the summer off and started rehearsing again in September. Trying to get together six adults with careers and families is tough (thank the heavens for Google Docs). We currently have a set of seven holiday tunes that you can listen to on our Music page. We are also working on an extensive list of custom arrangements.

After these initial holiday performances, we are very excited to take the stage at the 2nd Annual Project-Philly A Cappella Winter Workshop to receive an on-stage clinic from legendary bass singer Barry Carl and master arranger Tom Anderson. After that,  we’re planning on singing at the Mid-Atlantic Regional for Harmony Sweepstakes (assuming they’ll have us,  of course. Stay tuned!)

If you have an event we can perform for,  let us know! Be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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